22 сентября 2011


Posted  on  September 21, 2011   at 6:15 pm   by   Ian Williams  
02 марта 2011

Nocturn No. 1: a Wiki page on last.fm

http://www.last.fm/music/Katerina+Stamatelos/Album+No.1/+wiki   If you are unfamiliar with the work of Stamatelos the nocturnes are a wonderful introduction to her work. Let me offer a brief description of no.1. The piece is an A B A’ form for cello and piano. It opens with solo cello weaving a long, languorous low register line which swells from pp to an anticlimactic pause at mf. To some degree the writing is reminiscent of Messiaen yet more subdued and less impressionistic. Enter piano in gentle ... 
05 февраля 2011


You have a list of awards etc. as long as my arm, do you think you have had a privileged transition through your career or do you think it has been an extremely hard journey? I had a normal musical life: studied at Conservatories and Universities for many years. I had a "strict" schooling and excellent teachers. In this, I do feel "privileged". But I also had to work very hard for that. I started as a pianist and continued as a piano teacher/professor for many years, concertizing at ...