Katerina Stamatelos

Welcome to my website! On this page I will try to describe in short the processes which have formed my artistic personality.

I have been drawing since my childhood: models in fanciful dresses, but mostly entire cities. I also used to write poetry.

By age nine, I knew exactly what I wanted to become in life: an architect! But then, by age fifteen, I listened to Khachaturian’s second symphony: my feelings were so intense that I immediately knew I HAD to become a musician. Composition never appeared into my fantasy world: I thought this was the privilege of musical geniuses and I did not consider myself being one.

Throughout my adolescence, several teachers of different disciplines were trying to talk me into this or the other artistic profession. All had one common demand: absolute devotion. I followed that by choosing piano performance and, over the next decades, I devoted myself to this art entirely. I was happy with my decision but not entirely happy to have chosen only one direction-and, secretly, continued drawing…..

The good thing about my choice: I learned to focus. This ability would prove to be priceless during my later artistic development. But, one day, something inside me exploded: I allowed myself to study Fashion Design! What followed was a complete surprise: I started composing! Poetry seemed to flow naturally... Finally, serious painting followed.

Now, I finally recognize my “personal” truth: all of these talents go together; nothing works when I exclude the others. I feel free and happier than ever before. Needless to say, I still design houses!


22 September 2011, Article


Posted  on  September 21, 2011   at 6:15 pm   by   Ian Williams

01 April 2011, News

New CD release!!!

My first composition ( Love and Terror ) released under the ALBANY RECORDS label!  Shades of Love   http://www.albanyrecords.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=AR&Product_Code=TROY1256